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Hallmark Series and Collections A = C
Others Kitty Angel 1990            
Automotives All-American Trucks Chevrolet Cameo 1955 2nd 1996            
Antique Tractors Antique Tractor 2004            
Classic American Cars Cadillac 1949            
Kiddie Car Classics Timmy Racer 11th 2004            
Trains Santa's Special 1991            
Barbie Barbie Debut Series Debut 1959 1st 1994 Enchanted Evening 2nd 1995 Solo in the Spotlight 3rd 1996 Wedding Day 4th 1997 Wedding Day Barbie & Ken 1997    
Children's Collection Series Rapunzel Barbie 1st 1997 Cinderella Barbie 3rd 1999          
Dolls of the World Series Native American 1st 1996 Chinese  Barbie 2nd 1997 Russian Barbie 4th 1999        
Holiday Barbie Series Holiday Barbie 1996 Holiday Barbie 1997          
Spring Collection Suburban Shopper            
Springtime Barbie Series Springtime 1st 1996 Springtime 2nd 1997         -
Accessories Adding the Right Touch 2004            
Christmas Carol Mrs. Cratchit            
Family & Friends 25 Years Together              
Heritage Collection Graceful Angel Bell 2004              
New Home New Home 2004              
Santa & Reindeer Santa & His Reindeer Comet & Cupid Dasher & Dancer Donder & Blitzen Prancer & Vixen Santa & Sleigh    
Scooby-Doo Collection Heads Up Play 2004              
Wallflower Angels Buttercups for Cheerfulness Gift of Freedom           _
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